The Plough Inn E17

The Plough Inn has stood in the centre of Wood Street in the East London Borough of Walthamstow for more that a century and a quarter.

At the time it was built the borough was undergoing a period of rapid change. Previously a quiet rural village - in fact Wood Street is an ancient path through the forests that grew here - the railways brought an influx of people to live and work in London.

Famous local people include nineteenth century writer, poet, designer and socialist William Morris who has a museum of his work nearby and film director Alfred Hitchcock.

You can find out more about Walthamstow on Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Click here to learn more about Walthamstow

Since then the pub has changed hands on many occasions. It's had it's good times and not so good times but under it's current owners the future is looking very bright indeed as the pub strives to establish itself as North East London's premier venue for live entertainment.

But The Plough Inn is much more than that. It's also one of the best pubs around with a really friendly and relaxed atmosphere and some of the best real ale in town.

The earliest know picture of the pub circa 1875. Check out the policeman outside the door and the crowd of locals taking an interest in the photographer!
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Here is the pub circa 1915 - there are motor cars in Wood Street by now.
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The pub in 2003 just before refurbishment.
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